Frequently Asked Questions


Why use an introduction agency rather than online dating?
Compared with using a traditional on line dating service we can offer many advantages:
  • All ladies in our gallery have been personally interviewed by our agency.
  • Our company is registered in Toronto and there for we have to comply with Canada laws and regulations.
  • You choose a package of service according to your personal needs and preference.
  • Save precious time to avoid spending hours of searching and correspondence by using our agency.
  • Our professional approach to matchmaking has been improved dramatically due to consultancy keeping a balance between Eastern European and North American mentality.
Why do people use your service?
There are several reasons here. On the one hand, we are competent in finding the right person for you! Someone who shares your common interests, goals, lifestyle, and values. On the other hand, people can not do it by themselves as they have busy schedules, do not have an opportunity to meet others due to nature of the career or prefer that professionals do a screening for a prospective partner.
Why do Canadian men intend to get married to Russian or Ukrainian women?
It is well-known that Slavic women are special ones. They are beautiful, educated, intelligent and family-oriented. Besides, they are serious looking for a long lasting relationship. The recent statistics and surveys demonstrate that such families are loving, close and strong.
I am planning on meeting with a woman from your agency. How can I learn after if she likes me and wants to develop the relationship?
It is our mission. We can easily contact to her asking her opinion, finding out some points in order to continue your relation in a proper way and to avoid any misunderstanding.